i'm back !!

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hai guys !! sorry sangat sebab lame x blog...
pegi kl tgok rugby...
bes gile....!!!
kat uitm shah alam...
anyway , you guys x de plans ke holiday ni ?
kalau x de bgos la !
hahahahaha :D

Finally , my sister is home..

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My sister is home....
finally .. she is safe...
but the journey is quite fun for me tough !
i just sleep in the car until i arrive at my sister's university..
tomorrow is the last day of school !
guess i'm gonna skip school...
hehe.. :D
anyway , tomorrow is my sister's birthday !

Yess !!! i got the job !!! :D

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Yeah ! i got the prefect job at school !!
yeeppieee !!
i'm so happy ! very very happy ! so so Happy !!!
anyway , tomorrow i'm going to pick up my sister at Perlis , Malaysia ..
it's going to be a fun and huge money spending too !!!
sis , i hope you're still fine there....s
oup , gotta go ! bbye guys !! :)

man , am i tired !

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iman , i'm so sleepy ,
i'm going to bed 
well , bye everyone ! :)

school is almost over huh?

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school is almost over and i have nothing to do..
it is gonna be a boring 3 months for me tough...
no where to go....nothing to do.
and my sister is always asking me. " do you have a girlfriend already ? "
how am i suppose to find one when i'm too busy and all.?
anyway , i'm not ready...
even tough i'm quite popular at school .. quite ..
hmm....and ! i am not that good talking head 2 head with girls..
and i'm a what do they call that ... stuttering kinda guy ..heh .:D
utk org melayu , x phm ke stuttering tu ape? gagap la..
okay , back to English mode..
okay , i'm done now..keep following me a'ight ? 
bye !

Mommy , i'm sorry and i love you..

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ma....Danny sorry sngt tau pasal pagi tadi tu punye hal..
danny boring sngt duduk rumah.....hope you'll forgive me.. :(
i know you're in a difficult time now...but i'm sorry..
just then , i was only thinking about myself..that's why my attitude is like that.
i'm so sorry..
I feel so guilty now ..
i don't know what to do..
i'm ashamed to go and apologize my mistake to you...
please forgive me..
:( ::::::

sorry to tell you , but you're brother is dead..

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sorry blog.....it is too damn hard for me to decide who to write on
but ur still my number one...heheh.. :D ..
there is only three post on ur brother ...
so i killed him .... is that okay blog ?
yes ! i knew you'd say that you criminal minded blog..!
okay then! bbye !

do you feel that sometimes ?

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do you ever felt that there is someone or something watching you or standing behind you?
whoa ! i do..! not all the time...some certain times....
like when i'm alone or in the dark or some where that is scary...
you know...early in July , there's this senior student experience a hysteria..
i was extremely shocked !
it took place at my school at the block i was on duty ....
and then just a couple weeks before this week , 
my friend said he saw a ghost in the forest..
then i don't really saw it,...
but i was way to freaked!
so i screamed and i ran away as fast as i could with my friend .
then we feel so relieved that we got away from that sight...
u - oh......my power supply is low....heheh....
guess i 'll charge it ....
ok ! charging....
now , the horror movies...
which one do you think that is the most terrifying movies...
Chinese horror movies , american , malaysian , indian , japanese or other countries.?
figure it out yourself...ok ?!
ok then ! uh-oh......now i feel that something is creeping behind me...
ok , bye everyone !

oops !! sorry ..

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sorry guys..
for the " long time no posting " thing..
hhahha...too busy at school..
you know..exam.:D
looks like i failed to buy a new phone and all...
even tough my phone looks better now.
hehehhe... XD
ok ! see ya tommorow..
bbye !

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yaw!!! i'm 13!!!! 
yeah !!! YEAH!!!! YAH!!!! 
ok ..  wooohooo!!! 
ok .   i'm done.  
hehe.  :D

hey , know what ? you have a new brother !

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here ,
ow , come on now....
don't get sad ...
i won't forget you...
i hope i won't..
ok !
see ya later !

juz testing..

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school is almost starting ( part 1 )

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Oh NO!!!!
school holidays is almost over ?!
anyone finished their homework ?!
have you guys prepared ur clothes for school ?
well....i haven't...hehehehe..

ok..now let me tell u all about my story x fairytail x legend at school...
then you can tell yours!
when i first walked into the school , i was alone with my mom and dad..
then came my old friend , Ainaa...
she's from my primary school...
she's tall......like taller than me..at first..
then , it's registration time !!
it was noisy back then !!
i couldn't hardly hear a thing !

after the registration finished , the parents are welcomed to stay for a while..
or they can just go back home...
i can't remember much whether my mom and dad left or not...
then we all had a game !
we group up in names....then, in months !
it was kinda of frustrating for me tough...only 6 of the students' names begins with 'D'..
hmm....then we get know each other !
we talked , we make jokes....
after that, we had a drawing competition ..
i am very good at drawing..
especially when it comes Japanese art story telling !
in other words ' MANGA '..
or in other words..Japanese comics...
I'm sure you guys heard of it...

ok, then it came to recess time!
the food was not to bad...
i ate at the table where my friends were at..
my new friends..
they were quite funny and some of them were kinda still nerd, shy and blurry..
me? no...i'm the blurry type...
but i catch up fast...
haahahaha...got it?
then it came to books..
in Malaysia , all of the books are borrowed..except for those who want to buy..
later on , it's the class issue...
i got in the first class!!
which is the least number of students in it...
the class is like a tuition class!!
man, its boring....

in two months , the discipline teacher came to our class..
the discipline teacher is a she..
she came to our class to elect some prefects for the coming year...
i was elected !
that's a surprise..
actually i asked for it..
hehehe... :)
the next month , a lot of activity is held at our school..
Sport's Day , Running Marathon...and more..
me ? i didn't win a single thing!!
except for the parade....
i was in the scouts parade..
it was hot that day !!
like ... very hot! 
a lot of people fainted..
because of the heat..
especially the 500 meter runners, the relay runners...
i felt sorry for them...
because they didn't win...

well, this story will continue soon !
keep on following me ok!?

okay ! now i'm broke !

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                                   No!!!!! i have no money at all right now!!

someone , please help me!!!!
juz kidding... :)


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I'm juz going to put some pictures..
I don't have anything to write..



Okay... that's all....

Juz to remind ya'll

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My name is Danial Nor-Rafeeq Bin Ismail
I'm born on October 17 th 1997.
I like ice cream!!

Ok..that's all..


school starts tomorrow...

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school starts tomorrow!
school starts tomorrow!
I can't wait to go to school tomorrow!!

ok! bbye!

i feel like Raya is almost finished...

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I'm so bored!!!
so bored! so bored! so bored!

I have nothing to write now....
so, bye!

3rd Day OF Raya ..

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It's already the 3 rd day of Raya ...
still nothing ... to me , I feel that Raya is almost finished ...
today it's the other way round ... some money searching kids came ..
instead of me going Raya to somebody else's house ...
hmm ... so boring ...
I can't wait for school to open again ...

Hey , but still ... tomorrow I'm going to Raya with my sister and her friends!
her friend's brother is coming too! 
so I won't feel so bored ...
maybe I'll get treats tomorrow as well ..
then I'll have some money too! ( because I'm broke )
So, feel free to post a comment and don't forget to follow me too , okay?

Enjoy !!

2nd DAy oF RAyA ..

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Well , it's kinda frustrating for me tough ..
Non of my relatives came today .. either of my friends !
of course I'm sad .. no friends , no relatives either ...
well .. it is a very sad day for me today ..
I think all of my friends and relatives are celebrating Raya with full of joy ...
Me ? hmm .. I wanted to go out but .. I'm afraid if my parents scold me ..

Sorry Nokia N76 ... maybe I would never get to repair you anyway ...
maybe some other time .. and there goes my dream to have a Blackberry EON ..
No money today ... Total cash today : RM 0
well bloggy , maybe you know how I feel ...
okay then readers ... good bye now !

PS: Please donate some money for me ...

DUDE !!!

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1 st Trip : RM 5

2 nd Trip : Nothing ...
3 rd trip : RM 51

4 th Trip : RM 60
Total       : RM 116

Want some? come to this address ... hmm .. don't wanna give la...
Hik! Hik!
Well , it's obvious that I'm not gonna give you all this piece! 
Wuahahaha! ( EVIL LAUGH) .
Any way,

Good Luck Collecting Treats Like I did!

PS: The KFC trip has been cancel for certain issues ..

1st day Of RAYA !!!!

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It's the first day of Raya!!! it's kinda fun for me tough ... but I think Ramadhan is more fun! with all the new clothes I'm wearing , everybody is watching!! so shy.... heheee ...
I didn't woke up for the morning prayers ... hmm ... I'm too tired ...then I sleep until 8:50 a.m. ....

Tadaa!! told ya .. look at my eyes, tired eyes .. hikhik!
my sister woke up at the same time too !! it's raining today .. so it's wet ..
I'm happy ! :)
my first trip , i got 5 bucks!
And I still don't know what do spend with it ..
that's my sister on the phone talking to her boyfriend .. heheee ..
Okay, I won't be at home till evening .. so don't come alright ?! 

 Told ya I got 5 bucks ...
my sister got it too !!
were going to KFC after the final trip !!
the final trip is to my auntie's house !!
I guess ....
heheee~ .... still not sure bout' that ....

 Okay !! Buh Bye now everyone!!
going to collect more money ...
Feel free to post a comment ..
psst! and don't forget to post me some money too okay ?..
Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidilfitri !!

Please Add me !!!

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You know, if you want further information about me, add me at Facebook!! heheee~

My Email : phanthom_gene@yahoo.com


ENJOY!!! :) :D :) :D!

Break Fasting Time !!

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Yummy!! So delicious! Ouh, i'm stuffed....heheeee~

I had spaghetti for my break fasting!! my sister cooked it!! THANKS SIS!!!
heheheheee~ hey, have you guys break your fasting already?hmm .... I DO!!! hehehe.... don't get jealous....
OKAY!! That's all for today.... buh-bye!!!

Selamat Berbuka Puasa daripada Danial!!!

I like TMNT !!! :)

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!! I love em'!!
I liked watching the show when I was 11 years old....heheeee~
And guess what? The character I like most is Raphael!
He is very cool!! Especially when he becomes the Nightwatcher  in the movie...
Two great fighters or in other words....ninjas!!
this is when Leo was searching Ralph when he was doing his own work...
Ralph likes to work alone....I don't know why....
He's been a burden to the brotherhood for a short time only...

Told ya....I even have a photo of him...
the turtles are very cool!! but to me the coolest is Raphael...
Okay! that's all for now!! see ya next time!!
 Ow...and tell me which one is you're favorite TURTLE!!!

                            ENJOY!!!! :)

My Funny Sister !!

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Heheeee~ here is my sister!! she is very funny!! look at this video!!

fasting month is almost over....

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Hmm......fasting month is almost finish huh?.... so bored.....tomorrow is the last day.....hmm.... :(.....
it's boring to me if fasting month is over.....there's not much to do....what do you guys think? maybe to you guys its fun....because of Raya month is near....hmm..... Raya month is fun too....but i like more fasting month...... Raya month is fun cause' you guys can eat when ever you want , go anywhere you want and get some money from the neighbors...

I too get some money from the neighbors....but, i get more money from my relatives....hehe....my Raya clothes are black in color....I also bought a shirt, trousers, and a T-shirt for my self...it is nice! I like it!! heheeee~

Ow yeah, I almost forgot that I need to repair my Nokia N76 phone.....the screen has cracked....it fell to the ground...and I also need to change the battery....I also need to buy a new memory card for the phone.....the space is so little!!!! I can't store so much things in it....when its memory is full , it says "MEMORY FULL"....ARGH!!!! I HATE IT!!!! but wait, do i have enough money ? i hope i do...heheee~ :)

Okay, this is my closeur...

Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidilfitri everyone!!! :)

Bruno Mars & B.o.B !!

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Bruno Mars! You're the best!!!!!! :)



Okay, its obvious that i like this two singers.....they're the best!!! To me...i dunno bout u guys...heheee~ :)

I like they're song "Nothing On You"..... the song is very like....CooL!!~
hmm.....till next time!!!! bbye!!! O.o? =.=''......^__^!!!! hehehehe.....

New webcam !!

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I like my new web cam!!
This picture is taken when i was kinda boring....


The picture is very clear as u can see...
                                             Hmm....okay!! that's all for now!! see u guys next time!!

                                             Okay! Buh-Bye!! heheee~ :)

PS: please leave a comment!! :)

What's going on ??!

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ok...calm down Danial....that's gotta be just a joke...i bet she wasn't serious....huh.....fuhh...i'm safe!!

That was close! there is one American girl tried to be naked in front of me in the web!!! yeuww!!! who would want to see it?!!! i won't! i'm a very religeous guy if u all want to know that...huh...okay, now calmed down a little bit...i regret for adding her at my Yahoo Messenger.......

Hope she doesn't bother me anymore....who would want a friend like that?! i don't!!! God! i hate her!! okay now i'm all calm down....okay...that's all.....give me ur opinions kakngah!!! she's such...... eeee...terok kan? benci la danny!!!

HYE !!!

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Hello every one!! nak tanye sket leh? bole an? x de hal nye la...heheeee~ok! soalan 1. kain kan?kalo ko masok kan kat dalam laut merah ape jadi?? BASAH LA!!!itu pon x leh pikir er?heheeee~ soalan 2. hero ape yang x pakai spender kat luar? teka ar sendiri! malas nak bagi jawapan!! ceh....Ghost Rider jawapan aq!heheee~ korang??

Ok la... tu je nak gi tau... :D

Buah cempedak di luar pagar,
Ambil galah tolong jolokkan,
Blog mane yang paling bergegar?
Blog Saya la tu kan??

Enjoy!! :D!

Hi Bloggy !!

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Hello Bloggy!!like ur new application??well, i like it...maybe u like it 2!!haha...to all followers..so sorry for the un updated for so long thing....hehe...busy with school....yeah...being a prefect is quite hard...well...till next time!!bye!!

Sad Day For Me Today ..

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Mula-mula saya gi ar skola cam biasa...pastu x pasal2 kerani skolah panggil saya cakap mak telefon suruh balik...tgok2 rupenye onyang saya meninggal dunia....nenek nangis-nangis mase baca yasin untuk arwah onyang....saya gi umah onyang saya pakai baju ape tau?pakai baju melayu sekola tau?!!!malu gile...pastu mase dalam perjalanan gi umah onyang saya, saya main enpon ngan kakak saya..main tangkap2 gambar la...dengar lagula mase radio x de signal...haha..lawak...pastu saya banyak tido dalam kereta sebab lame sangat nak tunggu nak sampai kat umah onyang saya nih...saya lebih kurang tertidur dalam kereta 3 kali tau!!!haish..teruk kan saya ni?hehe..any way..mase balik tu singgah jap kat kedai mamak...sedap milo dia..rase cam nak minum je lagi...k ar...that's all for today...bbye..ouh..and sori sebab lame x update blog...hehe...buzzie...okay!bye!

Zodiak yang enggan mengaku kesalahan..

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Aries- aries mempunyai keupayaan 'hilang ingatan' dalam sekelip mata.mereka cepat melupai apa yang telah mereka lakukan.kebaikan ialah mereka tidak berdendam.keburukannya ialah mereka akan mengulangi kesilapan mereka..

Gemini- gemini suka berdebat.mereka sentais yakin apa yang mereka lakukan, dan apa yang mereka katakan adalah TEPAT dan BETUL.mereka ingin menang walaupun hakikatnya mereka salah..

Pisces- pisces tidak dapat mengawal emosi diri sendiri.maka mereka telah hilang keupayaan untuk membezakan mana satu yang betul dan mana satu yang salah..

Sagittarus- bukan sagittarus enggan mengaku kesalahan mereka.tapi piawaian yang telah di tetapkan oleh sagittarus itu berbeza dengan orang lain.apabila orang lain merasai hal itu serius, sagittarus tak rasa apa-apa pun..

Libra- libra sangat angkuh.mereka sukar untuk menerima kesalahan sendiri.terutamanya apabila orang lain menegur kesalahannya.mereka akan cuba sedaya upaya untuk menutup kesalahan itu demi imej yang sempurna..

HAHA!!Anda yang mana satu??

Zodiak yang paling senang jadi GEMUK !!!

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Cancer- bukan mereka kuat makan, tapi muka mereka nampak tembam..

Taurus- makan, tido, tido, makan...lama-lama jadi gemuk..

Libra- bahagian yang lain masih lagi dalam kawalan, cuma pinggang saja yang akan menjadi semakin

Sagittarus- sangat cepat membesar, tapi sekiranya tidak tinggi maka akan membesar secara malebar..

Pisces- mungkin disebabkan tiada tekanan, maka hati yang terlalu senang akan menyebabkan badan
menjadi gemuk..

Leo- suka makan makanan yang berkalori tinggi...

Aries- kuat makan, pergerakan juga banyak..

Gemini- mereka sangat lincah, maka tidak senang nak gemuk..

Aquarius- memilih dalam bab makan.maka nutrisi tidak seimbang..

Scorpio- mereka terlalu banyak masalah yang dipendam, maka sukar untuk menjadi gemuk..

Capricorn- terlalu sibuk, terlalu banyak kerja yang perlu dibuat.tidak mudah nak gemuk..

Virgo- terlalu cemas.terlalu mementingkan keseimbangan makanan.jadi mereka dapat menjaga
bentuk badan yang cantik..

Jadi, anda yang mana?haha..

masa ari sukan bulan mac tuh....

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korang semua tau tak?masa ari sukan ar tuh kan..aku ni ar tpaksa masok perbarisan unit berunifom ko tau tak?benci tul!masa percubaan utk lari pecut 100 meter tuh..aku nombor 1 korang tau tak?pastu masa percubaan kedua pulak..aku kena lawan ngan abang senior-senior aku tuh..mana aku tak kalah!mestilah aku kalah!hish!tak adil!pastu kan..masa latihan utk ari sukan tuh kan..cikgu ingatkan nak test ar lumba lari semua tuh ar..acara-acara sukan tu lah kan..pastu ramai giler kot orang pengsan tengah padang tuh..hahaha..lawak giler!!aku sampai nak tepengsan gak..tapi aku ni kan strong little boy..haha..agaknye cikgu tak sedar kot..sebab semua cikgu yang telibat kan dok rehat bawah kemah..ee..benci tol!pastu mase ari sukan tuh kan..panas terik kot!lagila ramai orang yang pengsan kat tengah tengah padang tuh..sian diorang tuh..pastu x pasal2 aku pun rase lapar smacam je..ape lagi..aku pegi ar kantin nak gi makan jap..pastu aku ngan kawan lepak kat kantin jap..pastu kitorang tak sedar lak..da pukol 11.45 da..ape lagi..kitorang pegi la padang pastu cikgu wat pengumuman semua tuh..pastu semua orang balik...

HAHA ! baru kene gertak da nak menggelabah ! :D

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Haha..aku baru je gertak si alisya tu..da nak mengglabah..haha!!lawak giler dowh!!nak tau camne aku gertak dia?camni..aku tulis 'aku suka ko' kat dia..pastu dia tulis 'suke sebagai kawan je kan?'..pastu aku jawab..'X ar'..pastu dia da mula mengglabah..haha..lawak giler dowh!suke ar wat org x pasal2 kena gertak.!haha!!k ar..bye blogg!i'll make a new post tomorrow!later..!

long time no touch blogg...

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huhu..sorry la blogg..owner you ni periksa seinggu...sorry eh?please forgive me....ok?yo!we're best of friends right dawg?!yeah that's the spirit o' my best friend!yeah!see u tomorrow right dawg?!bye!

very the boring...huhu.....

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What a boring day today...i didn't have much to do at home...i'm so boring...the tv channels are boring..always the same story..huuu....my only fun is the internet...but..i always go to the same link!argh!!!so boring!!!!okay i don't have much to say...till then!!bye!

the humurous scary nightmare ??

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Haha!!that's right the funniest scary nightmare that i've ever had..hahaha!!it's very funny to me....but i donno bout u guys...okay..here we go!!in the morning i was walking around times square.. haha..and then suddenly i shrinked!!that's amazing!!hahaha!!then all of a sudden i'm being step by a person...ouch !!that hurts!!then everyone stepped on me!!ouch!!that really-really hurts!!!then i've been kicked by someone!!!argh!!somebody please help me!!!then, suddenly i became SUPERMAN!!!hahahaha!!!then suddenly i fell down!!wargh!!!the, my mother woke me up...fuhh...what a relief..haaa....hahaha!!what do you think?is it funny?hahaha...comment this post at bla_canttellu@yahoo.com!!hahaha!!

the potatoe wegdes ! YUM YUM !!! :)

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ahh...the potatoe wedges is eaten by me at tea time..hahahaha!!and eaten by my sister too...it kinda taste like the vegetables..but..i like it..hahahaha!!i planned to fry it myself..but my mother insist...so i let her cook...her cooking has always been the best!!thank you mama!!i i luv u very much!!!okay!!that's enough for today!!make sure that ur ready for the next post!!

Today at school...

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its kinda boring at school today.....my best friends are unhappy too....and i was so busy doing the 'pengawas' chores.u know...i don't like the science teacher...Puan Haliza....she thinks that every word she says is correct...like the word stone..she says it like stuun...kinda....i don't know....you tell me k?and i got lucky that today theres no extra classes..if not, i'd be more boring than usual...more homework for me given by Encik Zainuddin...my handy craft teacher...haha...i like my english, history, language arts, geography, maths teachers....they're very nice to students....well, that's all for today maybe...okay..!bye..!!

the night of joy ..

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i was looking at my facebook profile...then there's a picture..it's been sent by some friend i know...you know..the picture is actually an essei paper that his friend wrote in school...i laughed so hard that my eyeballs could fall off...this is what the picture says...tijah ingin memutuskan perhubungan dengan boyfriend MAT SALLEH nya...dia tak sanggup bertemu muka, lalu dia mengutus surat...surat tu macam ni bunyinya....my motive write this letter is to give know you something..i want to cut connection us.I have think about this very cook cook.I know i clap one hand only.correctly, i have seen you and she at town with eyes myself.i don't trust you again!!!!you are really crocodile land.my friend say you play wood tree..now i know u correct correct play wood tree.so, i break connection to pull my body from this love triangle.i know this result i pick is very correct.because you love she very high from me.so i break off to go far from here.i dont want you to play play with my liver.i been crying until no more eye water thinking of about you.i dont want banana to fruit two times.safe walk.haha funny kan?that is the letter below...