1st day Of RAYA !!!!

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It's the first day of Raya!!! it's kinda fun for me tough ... but I think Ramadhan is more fun! with all the new clothes I'm wearing , everybody is watching!! so shy.... heheee ...
I didn't woke up for the morning prayers ... hmm ... I'm too tired ...then I sleep until 8:50 a.m. ....

Tadaa!! told ya .. look at my eyes, tired eyes .. hikhik!
my sister woke up at the same time too !! it's raining today .. so it's wet ..
I'm happy ! :)
my first trip , i got 5 bucks!
And I still don't know what do spend with it ..
that's my sister on the phone talking to her boyfriend .. heheee ..
Okay, I won't be at home till evening .. so don't come alright ?! 

 Told ya I got 5 bucks ...
my sister got it too !!
were going to KFC after the final trip !!
the final trip is to my auntie's house !!
I guess ....
heheee~ .... still not sure bout' that ....

 Okay !! Buh Bye now everyone!!
going to collect more money ...
Feel free to post a comment ..
psst! and don't forget to post me some money too okay ?..
Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidilfitri !!

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