school is almost starting ( part 1 )

Posted by Danial Nor Rafeeq

Oh NO!!!!
school holidays is almost over ?!
anyone finished their homework ?!
have you guys prepared ur clothes for school ?
well....i haven't...hehehehe.. let me tell u all about my story x fairytail x legend at school...
then you can tell yours!
when i first walked into the school , i was alone with my mom and dad..
then came my old friend , Ainaa...
she's from my primary school...
she's taller than first..
then , it's registration time !!
it was noisy back then !!
i couldn't hardly hear a thing !

after the registration finished , the parents are welcomed to stay for a while..
or they can just go back home...
i can't remember much whether my mom and dad left or not...
then we all had a game !
we group up in names....then, in months !
it was kinda of frustrating for me tough...only 6 of the students' names begins with 'D'..
hmm....then we get know each other !
we talked , we make jokes....
after that, we had a drawing competition ..
i am very good at drawing..
especially when it comes Japanese art story telling !
in other words ' MANGA '..
or in other words..Japanese comics...
I'm sure you guys heard of it...

ok, then it came to recess time!
the food was not to bad...
i ate at the table where my friends were at..
my new friends..
they were quite funny and some of them were kinda still nerd, shy and blurry..
me? no...i'm the blurry type...
but i catch up fast... it?
then it came to books..
in Malaysia , all of the books are borrowed..except for those who want to buy..
later on , it's the class issue...
i got in the first class!!
which is the least number of students in it...
the class is like a tuition class!!
man, its boring....

in two months , the discipline teacher came to our class..
the discipline teacher is a she..
she came to our class to elect some prefects for the coming year...
i was elected !
that's a surprise..
actually i asked for it..
hehehe... :)
the next month , a lot of activity is held at our school..
Sport's Day , Running Marathon...and more..
me ? i didn't win a single thing!!
except for the parade....
i was in the scouts parade..
it was hot that day !!
like ... very hot! 
a lot of people fainted..
because of the heat..
especially the 500 meter runners, the relay runners...
i felt sorry for them...
because they didn't win...

well, this story will continue soon !
keep on following me ok!?

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