the humurous scary nightmare ??

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Haha!!that's right the funniest scary nightmare that i've ever had..hahaha!!it's very funny to me....but i donno bout u we go!!in the morning i was walking around times square.. haha..and then suddenly i shrinked!!that's amazing!!hahaha!!then all of a sudden i'm being step by a person...ouch !!that hurts!!then everyone stepped on me!!ouch!!that really-really hurts!!!then i've been kicked by someone!!!argh!!somebody please help me!!!then, suddenly i became SUPERMAN!!!hahahaha!!!then suddenly i fell down!!wargh!!!the, my mother woke me up...fuhh...what a relief..haaa....hahaha!!what do you think?is it funny?hahaha...comment this post at!!hahaha!!

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