school is almost over huh?

Posted by Danial Nor Rafeeq topic :

school is almost over and i have nothing to do..
it is gonna be a boring 3 months for me tough...
no where to go....nothing to do.
and my sister is always asking me. " do you have a girlfriend already ? "
how am i suppose to find one when i'm too busy and all.?
anyway , i'm not ready...
even tough i'm quite popular at school .. quite ..
hmm....and ! i am not that good talking head 2 head with girls..
and i'm a what do they call that ... stuttering kinda guy ..heh .:D
utk org melayu , x phm ke stuttering tu ape? gagap la..
okay , back to English mode..
okay , i'm done now..keep following me a'ight ? 
bye !

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